Common termonologies

Dry Time

Time to dry wax, sealant, coating, or paint. After dry time you can touch the surface and the material applied to the surface will not stick to your finger. Waxes, sealants, or coatings are buffed after dry time.

Cure Time

Cure time starts after dry time. It is time for wax, sealants, coating, and paints to complete all the chemical reactions and complete its job.

Washing or wetting the surface during cure time will destroy wax, sealant, coating, or paints.


Abrasives are substances that work by scratching away the surface of materials in order to rid them of unwanted roughness or substances. A common example of abrasive is a car paint compound. Some waxes also contain micro-abrasives, such waxes are called cleaning waxes.


Protectant is a chemical that protects a surface from UV rays, dust, water, and stains. Mostly it is used for the vehicle’s interior protection. It acts as wax but does not require buffing after application. Depending upon the manufacturer, protectants can have the ability to cure dried or cracked surfaces.


A chemical that brings out the original look and feel of a surface.


Sealant is a broad term. A sealant is a chemical that protects automotive paint from ultraviolet rays, acid rain, water, and pollution. Sealants protect automotive’ finishes and can make automotive shiny. Examples of sealants are waxes, ceramic coatings, glass coatings, and polymer coatings.


Wax is a material that is used as a sealant. It protects and enhances an automotive paint coating. There are 2 types of waxes i.e. natural waxes and synthetic waxes.

Ceramic Coating / Glass Coating

Ceramic coating is a material that is used as a sealant. Ceramic and glass coating are interchangeable terms. There is no hard and fast rule to differentiate between ceramic and glass coating. It is made up of silica, silicones, and other chemicals. It chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection. Ceramic/Glass coatings are more durable than waxes.

Hybrid Coating / Hybrid Waxes

Hybrid coating or hybrid waxes are combinations of ceramic/glass coatings and natural/synthetic waxes. These are used as a sealant. These are more durable than waxes and less durable than pure ceramic/glass coating.

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Scratch proofing

Scratch proof coatings do no exists. Your vehicle can get scratches even with glass, ceramic or any other coating.

Glass & ceramic coatings provide most scratch resistance.

Hybrid waxes provide low scratch resistance.

Simple waxes provide no scratch resistance.